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Dr. Xuan Quyen Truong and Dr. Hieu Nguyen Pham, Houston dentists, are committed to providing you with excellent dentistry in a comfortable environment. You deserve a skilled, experienced dental team that can help you ensure great oral health. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. We welcome new patients of all ages.

Enjoy the Convenience of Comprehensive Dentistry

You are important to us. For your convenience, we provide a wide range of dental solutions in our local Houston location. Some of these options include cosmetic and restorative solutions, deep cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and root canal therapy. If you require care from an outside specialist, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

Feel at Home in our Dental Office

Your comfort was considered in every aspect of our dental office design. Please relax and enjoy the amenities provided for you. We hope you will feel welcome in our beautiful waiting area and comfortable treatment rooms. Visit our Office Tour to see photos of our facilities.

Availability to Meet Your Needs

For your convenience, we offer flexible hours for scheduling your appointments. If you have a dental emergency outside of our operating hours, please call as soon as possible to schedule follow-up care. We will ensure you receive the dental treatment you need in a timely manner. For more information, visit our Contact page.

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"Wow!! A co-worker told me about Hermosa Dental. I am so glad she told me about them, they will be the only dentist office I go to from now on. Amazing caring dentist and team!

- Blanca R.

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We offer two family owned and operated practices for your convenience!

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